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Fair and democratic social media through cryptocurrency

Tipestry is a next generation social media platform where the users are in charge. Earn cryptocurrency, keep your privacy intact, and vote on site policy.


评论任何网站或实际位置。 增强现实与社交媒体相结合,为网络添加新层。

Cryptocurrency everywhere

Regular people are the ones creating most of the content these days but a handful a big corporations are making all the money off their work.
Tipestry features integrated user tipping, allowing anyone to earn money for posting good content. It also allows website donating so people can support content creators without dealing with banks or credit cards, giving up personal information, or paying high fees.
Tipestry Go features Treasure Hunts, where users follow clues and solve riddles to discover digital coins hidden around the world.



由Tipcoin提供支持的民主治理。 加密货币红利支付给Tipestry Token所有者。 – Now Live

  • Find out what people are saying about a particular website. Is the site legitimate – is it a phishing scam, is its information up to date, is it fake news?
  • Discuss sites where the comment sections have been removed.
  • Show your appreciation for content creators with positive feedback and cryptocurrency donations.
  • Businesses and politicians spend millions of dollars every year on astroturfing and creating fake narratives on the web. Find out what real people think about organizations and products.
  • Comment without submitting personal information or signing up for a new account for every site.
  • Discuss niche topics and connect with people based on unusual interests.

Tipestry Go– Now available

  • Permanent digital records of notable events. For example, record an interesting occurrence and anyone visiting that spot in the future can watch a video of it.
  • Leaving virtual notes for specific people (instead of physical objects that could be viewed or taken by anyone).
  • Share digital information with people in the physical world: post your email address and the person you're talking to can then see it floating in the air in AR mode so they can save it for later.
  • Ticket sales and other local event-driven commerce.
  • Meet new people and discover interesting activities while traveling.
  • Review local businesses.
  • Organize location-based mobile gaming activities.
  • Warnings about dangers such as rattlesnakes in the area.



所有这些公司都关闭了他们的评论部分。 无论如何,Tipestry让你发表评论。


David Davies
Project Lead
Timi Olorunyomi
Software Development Lead.
Arbab Rashid
iOS developer
Mahtab Rasheed
Web developer
Basit Raza
Blockchain Developer
با سط سلیم
Android developer